New Article in PopScriptum 12

I have had a new article published in the online journal PopScriptum. The latest Volume is entitled “Sound, Sex and Sexisim”


“In the penultimate article, Kate Lewis deals with the gendered connotations of guitar in popular music. In As Good As Any Man I’ve Ever Heard: Lead Guitar, Gendered Approaches, and Popular Music she describes the marginalization of women on the electric guitar as a historical phenomenon that did not exist before Rock’n’Roll. In the late 1950s, however, a stereotype of the electric guitar response, so strongly interwoven with normative ideas of masculine authenticity and technology dominance, developed that the play of guitarists in front of this cultural background became quite incomprehensible. Guitarists in the pop music field must not only bring outstanding technical skills to the instrument, but also develop their own positioning and performance strategies in a male-encoded field.

Find the complete article here   “As Good As Any Man I’ve Ever Heard: Lead Guitar, Gendered Approaches and Popular Music”

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