International Guitar Research Centre Conference 2016 – Reflections

#IGRCSurrey 2016

If you have managed to read through the last few blog posts, you will by now know that there has been an incredible amount of world-class research presented at the International Guitar Research Centre Conference 2016 at University of Surrey over the past six days. A diverse contingent of performers from a number of genres, researchers,  musicologists, pedagogues and advocates for our instrument in its many facets came to together from around the globe to network and freely share their research and artistry. Every single lecture and recital was stimulating and thought provoking. It is amazing that my blogs over the past few days have only covered about half of the amount of research presented. Most lecture sessions were run in parallel,  and I wish I could have split myself into two people in order to attend the other sessions! The full-schedule can be found here:

Wonderful news is that IGRC directors Dr Steve Goss and Dr Milton Mermikides have meticulously ensured that all of the proceedings over the entire conference were digitized and will be endeavoring to archive it all and make audio/video and media available to the public in the next few months – watch this space:

A Facebook page has been established in order to network the attendees, and any others who are interested in keeping up-to-date with the future events at the IGRC, which can be found here:

A massive thanks to all the delegates for so freely sharing your knowledge, artistry and passion this week and to Dr. Goss and Dr. Mermikides and all the #IGRCSurrey crew for putting on such an incredible event.  While I still may need a few more days to rest my brain and body after such an amazing week, I am already counting down the days until the next one 🙂





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