International Guitar Research Centre Conference 2016- Day 6

Day 6 – Wednesday Mar 23, 2016 

The last day here at #IGRCSurrey 2016. The morning began with a fascinating lecture-recital from Sam Muir (accompanied by her student Lara) discussing the history of the enchanting Medeiran machete de braga, and its transformation into the Hawaiian ukulele. Sam was followed by Gilbert Biberian discussing his three volume methodology, LIBER.

The morning continued with two lecture-recitals on Brazilian Guitar Music. Adam May and Ken Murray (both from the University of Melbourne) presented a dynamic lecture-recital titled “Brazilian guitar music: seven-string guitar, cavaquinho, and the traditional 6-string guitar”, exploring both the established solo Brazilian guitar repertoire, as well as the guitar in solo and small ensemble playing in Brazilian Popular Music. The duo played some wonderful mixed duo’s and finished with a fantastic original composition by Ken Murray.

Following Ken and Adam, Marlou Peruzzolo Vieira (University of Aveiro, Portugal) presented a lecture recital titled “Non-guitarist composers and the problems of writing for guitar: a case study on Brazilian composers”, in which he analyzed and exemplified difficulties faced by non-guitarist composers when writing for the classical guitar.

For the final lecture-recital set of the day and the conference, Martin Vishnick presented a lecture on his research surrounding guitar repertoire and morphological structuring principles.  Following Martin, Ericsson Castro Bezerra Castro Sá Munoz and Andrea Paz Munõz Silva (CEM: Centro de Educação Musical Carlos Gomes, Brazil) discussed the reflections and relations between idiomatic and free improvisation, and their use in the guitar universe within the context of contemporary music.





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