International Guitar Research Centre Conference 2016 – Day 1 and 2

A fantastic concert last night from the Mobius Trio (USA) to open the six day, International Guitar Research Centre Conference 2016 at the University of Surrey.

Today, a full day of papers, lecture-recitals and concerts. Papers on diverse topics from the music of  Henze, Tedesco, Ohana and Percy Grainger. Other papers included an analysis of expression in the recordings of Llobet and Graham Wade’s “Genre and Methodology in plucked chordophone literature 1914 – 2015”.

Two fascinating lecture-recitals this afternoon: Rich Perks’  “Fretless Architecture: An Exploration of the Fretless Electric Guitar” and Milton Mermikides and Carl Faia’s “The Extended Guitar: Integration of the guitar with Max/MSP in pedagogy, performance and composition”. Milton and Carl shared work from their current project – designing a suite of tools for the contemporary creative practitioner, which use digital programming (within the very flexible Max/MSP language) for analysis, pedagogy, performance and composition.

An insightful and insipring keynote lecture recital from Jonathan Leathwood (US/UK) entitled “Improvisations, Structures and Schemata: Towards Virtuosity in Performance and Cognition”.

Two great concerts today: Lunchtime recital Bradley Johnson, the Winner of the 2015 Ivor Mairants Guitar Award and we finished the first full day with a concert by the ever brilliant Tilman Hoppstock.

Looking forward to tomorrow !IMG_1364IMG_1366IMG_1368IMG_1377IMG_1374IMG_1380


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