Guitar Masters UK Tour


Andy McKee

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Andy McKee, Preston Reed and Jon Gomm live at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone, UK last week. I was introduced to the music of Andy McKee about 1 year ago (why it took me so long to discover him I will never know! ) and have become ever so slightly obsessed with his amazing skills and musicianship ! If you are not familiar with his music, McKee is a representative of the modern “acoustic-percussive-fingerstyle” genre and is a truly amazing guitarist. He was really FANTASTIC live. If you are not familiar with his check this out….

Jon Gomm also gave a beautiful and captivating performance. He uses a guitar that is modified with banjo tuners on the 1st and 2nd string to create an awesome and melodic effect in his tunes.

Check him out here:

Preston reed is one of the trailblazers of the “acoustic-percussive” style. Both McKee and Gomm (among many others) name him as one of their primary influences. It was amazing to watch him on stage with two other brilliant guitarists whom were so clearly influenced by his innovations.

What a night !!!!

McKee’s Guitars: A Baritone and his signature fan-fretted acoustic.

Reed, McKee and Gomm on Stage

Jon Gomm

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