November 2011

November was another busy month !!

Kicked it off by playing a concert celebrating the guitar music of Robert Mayeur at LA Valley College.    Bob Mayeur established the guitar department at LAVC some 3 decades ago and built a first-class guitar program. I was fortunate enough to stumble across the LAVC music department the year I graduated high school (1992) and was a student of Bob’s for 2 1/2 years before I transferred to USC.  In 2004 I was asked by the chair of the department at the time (Diane Wintrob) to come back and teach at LAVC and then took over Bob’s position as Director of the Guitar Program in 2007 when he retired.  Bob taught me SO much about ensemble playing and introduced me to the wonderful joys of playing in the guitar orchestra !!!!  He is a wonderful guy and helped SO SO SO many LA area guitarist students on their journey.

At the beginning of the semester, one of a fantastic students at LAVC approached the faculty and asked if he could organize a concert celebrating Bob’s music. He managed to round up a group of current and former LAVC guitar students and the guitar faculty (the fabulous Dr Greg Newton and myself) and organized a program full of solo’s, duo’s, trio’s, quartet’s and a quintet !!   Bob was guest of honor and I think he LOVED it 🙂  We definitely had a blast playing his music  !!

If you are not familiar with Bob’s music, try to dig some up !! Really tremendous ensemble works and beautifully idiomatic solos.

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2 Responses to November 2011

  1. Don Morris says:

    I stumbled across your page searching for information on Bob Mayeur. I was a student of his in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In fact, I met my soon to be wife in his ensemble class (we just celebrated 16 years in November of 2011). He was big part of shaping who I am and the guitarist I’ve become (even if it isn’t on the nylon string anymore). I wish I had found your post earlier. My wife and I would have loved to have attended.

    • Kate Lewis says:

      Thanks so much for your note ! How cool that you and your wife met in Bobs ensemble class……so cool !! Sorry you were not able to attend the concert in the fall…if we do anything like it again, I will try to post info on here sooner. I now teach the guitar ensemble at LAVC (I also was a student in the ensemble from 92-95) Rehearsal is now monday nights at 6:45pm…if you and your wife are still local, feel free to come play with us ANY time.
      All the best,

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