Super busy classical guitar weekend here in Los Angeles !!!  David Leisner played at CSUN on Friday night. He played a fantastic program including some of his own works, an incredibly beautiful interpretation of Bach 997 and some very fun arrangements of popular songs (including Dyens/Leisner arrangement of Jobim’s Felicidade….fantastic piece and fantastic performance).

Raphaella Smits played an amazing concert at LMU on Saturday night. I think this was the first time I had heard her play live and I was blown away !!!  She played Sor, Mertz and Coste on a 1830’s Stauffer guitar copy and as an ENCORE played the Chaconne !!!!!!   Stunningly beautiful playing all through and the Chaconne just floored me !!!!

Roland Dyens himself was also in town, playing at Trilogy Guitars on Thursday night and at Chapman in Orange County on Saturday night.  Unfortunately I had to miss BOTH due to teaching on Thursday and being at LMU on Saturday !!  Dyens is hands down one of  my favorite performers….if you havent seen him play live, and have a chance, do it !!  I always joke to my students how it will change your life 🙂

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